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Other development bootcamps offer great teaching and development skills but {we go one step further}.

Through our unique partnership with one of the country's leading eCommerce development teams, you'll gain real world experience and have code committed to their live SaaS eCommerce platform which is used by some of the UK's leading retailers.

This means you'll have credible commercial experience and a much greater chance of getting that job of your dreams than just with coding knowledge alone.

Whether learning remotely from home, or joining us on site at our Leeds offices, you can become part of a continually growing market and learn how to develop websites and web apps through the use of Ruby and Javascript. With these tools under your belt, you are well on your way to finding a developer role within the web industry or to begin your own web based business.

We even have our own onsite recruitment partner who have placed more than 25 web development candidates in the last 12 months and who will help you build your CV whilst you train with us.

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Don't take our word for it, hear from past students who we have helped build exciting careers

{Success} Stories

Hubert P

“Although I had a good job in civil engineering I believed that getting into a rapidly evolving and highly demanding sector like technology would enable my career and therefore earnings to develop faster.”

“Within 6 months of completing the ProCoders course, I was already employed as a developer and earning more than my previous job.”

Josh T

“Having already attended Makers Academy, whilst my skills were at commercial level I still found it impossible to find the job of my dreams due to a lack of commercial experience. Completing the ProCoders course was the best thing I did, the commercial experience gained enabled me to find a job within 4 weeks of completing the course.”

“I am now a developer at Shift Commerce working on designing and implementing a market disrupting web platform.”

Our {Mission & Vision}

Our goal is to provide you with the skills and commercial experience needed to thrive in the web industry.

With the growth of Internet based markets, demand for talented web developers is only continuing to rise. Now is the perfect time to join this booming industry, whether you are a student looking for commercial experience, a graduate looking to bolster your skills or gain commercial experience or simply wanting a change in career, we can help.

We go beyond what our competitors can provide

Most of our competitors are only able to offer you a portfolio of study projects, leaving you without any commercial experience which can make it difficult to find a job. That's because employers are looking for real world experience, they want to know you can work in a team, solve problems on your own and contribute production ready code. Without commercial experience, getting into the industry can be difficult and daunting.

That's why we have uniquely partnered with SHIFT Commerce to offer you commercial experience as well as working on in-house projects. Don’t worry though, we will be supporting you in developing a foundation by initially working on a personal portfolio, before starting to contribute to commercial projects. These contributions will also be checked against a test suite and peer reviewed so there is no doubt that your additions are top quality. You’ll also learn how to work in a commercial team, attending stand ups and working collaboratively to solve problems.

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