About {Us}

{Pro}Coder's founder, Kris Quigley, has over 10 years experience in language teaching, curriculum development and senior leadership. He gained his experience working abroad with learners of all ages and backgrounds, thus developed a teaching style that allows him to adapt to each learner's needs.

Equally, he has just as much experience as a commercial web developer working for companies such as Epiphany Search and Matalan Direct, where he built a development team comprised of mostly juniors and developed them into competent programmers in Ruby and JavaScript.

“Being a self-taught programmer, means that I know what struggles you may face when starting to learn a computer language and what techniques to employ in order to overcome them efficiently.”

Kris began his programming career as a self-taught PHP developer and built his own MVC based CMS platform, before moving on to learn other languages such as, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. By learning a range of languages, he knows that there is no one language to rule them all, each language has its own use case. This is why he currently employs Ruby for developing back-end web applications and ReactJS for the front-end, due to it's performance and speed of development.

As well as founding {Pro}Coders, Kris is the Lead Architect at SHIFT Commerce. This enables him to continue dealing with critical solutions required in the eCommerce market; to pass this knowledge on to {Pro}Coder students and have them contribute to commercial projects.

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